Glendaruel, Argyll

South-West Highlands of Scotland

Around Maymore

Maymore is situated on the West Glendaruel Road, a quiet, picturesque by-way, used more for moving livestock than as a thoroughfare.

The river ruel issues into Loch Riddon, which is itself part of the world-famous Kyles of Bute

Glendaruel is one of the most lovely of the southerly glens with a vibrant community and lots to do for families.
As the day draws to a close and the shades of evening fall, who with the hearing ear, the seeing eye, standing by the river Ruel, could fail to observe:-

The Glorious Glendaruel

As shadows lengthen on Maymore Hill
They slip and dance from Rill to Rill,
As By the River a hatch of flies
Brings forth at once the evening rise,
As light applied to octane fuel
The sun goes down on Glendaruel
The curlews flying through the Glen
To find their rest on highest Ben,
As in the shade the gentle roe
Slips from the streams that softly flow
As light reflected from finest Jewel
The sun goes down on Glendaruel

By the late Gilbert Mackellar
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